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Top Trends in the American Hospitality Industry
Technological improvements and shifting consumer expectations are driving a huge revolution in the American hospitality business. Hospitality firms may guarantee long-term profitability, increase repeat business, and improve visitor happiness by adopting these trends. At the vanguard of this transformation are sustainability, customization, wellness, and technology, which will have a significant impact on how hospitality is shaped going forward. The goal of giving every visitor an outstanding, unforgettable, and responsible experience will not change as the industry adapts further.
History of Bathrobes: Evolution from Functional to Fashionable
Over decades, bathrobes are an essential item in contemporary hotels and homes is extensive, which has a rich history that spans centuries. Bathrobes, which were once only basic necessities, have developed into status symbols of elegance, comfort and style. we will look at the fascinating history of bathrobes from their humble origins to their current positions as useful clothing and stylish accessories.
Crafting Inviting Hotel Spaces: A Guide to Elevating Guest Experiences

In the world of hospitality, the ambiance of a hotel is crucial in influencing a guest's overall exper...

Bathrobe: Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bathrobe Material for Every Season

Selecting the ideal bathrobe for each season may be a fun and difficult endeavor. We'll explore severa...

Canada Contemplates Cap on International Student Influx

Canada is currently deliberating the possibility of imposing a cap on the number of international stud...

The Impact of COVID on Cruise-Related Tourism in BC

The Tourism Industry Association of B.C. stated that cruise ships provide approximately $2.7 billion d...

The Importance of Choosing the Right Bathrobes and Body Wraps

Bathrobes and body wraps are essential items in any hotel room, providing guests with the ultimate lev...

Face Towel Vs Hand Towel: When To Use Which?

If you’re one to take hygiene seriously, distinguishing the differences between a hand towel and a fac...

Mattress Protectors and Pads: Do You Need One?

I never thought much about mattresses until I had to buy one for the first time. Not only was the choi...

How to Choose Bath Towels That Last

Thick or thin? Cotton or rayon? Consumer Reports' experts have the answers. Visit any store selling ba...

Hospitality Industry Trends 2022

What are the latest trends in the hospitality industry? It goes without saying that the pandemic and e...


Marketing restaurants has changed dramatically over the years. What worked 10 years ago, or even last ...

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