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Mittens & Pot Holders

Pot Holders

Protect Counters and Prevent Burns with Commercial Pot Holders

Pot holders are an essential kitchen item when handling hot pots, pans, and baking dishes. Not only do these holders protect your counter top surfaces from getting singed, but they also prevent your staff from burning their hands. 

Choose from a variety of sizes depending on the size of your pots and pans. Some of our pot holders come with convenient hanging loops, making it easy to store them on a wall rack. Try using a brightly-colored silicone pot holder on your counter tops to prevent your pot from slipping or sliding, and use a comfortable terry cloth holder for moving hot pans. Keep several commercial pot holders at each station in your kitchen for safe handling of hot dishes.

Pot Holder Heat Resistant 100% Cotton Grey 9"x 9" 12/Pack
Pot Holder Heat Resistant 100% Cotton12 per PackIdeal for hot pan holder, microwave splatter guard, ..
CAD $23.88 /Pack of 12
Oven Mitts  Heat Resistant 100% Cotton Grey 12"x 7" 12/Pack
Oven Mitts  Heat Resistant 100% Cotton12 per Pack100% Terry cotton and quilting allows for easy..
CAD $29.88 /Pack of 12