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Wholesale Health & Beauty products available from your most trusted brands. Buy Bulk and save more money!

Hand Solutions Razor
Hand Solutions RazorTwin Blade RazorImproved Edge for a CleanComfortable ShaveFor more inquiries&nbs..
CAD $0.53 /Dozen 12's
Ivory Bar Soap
764340CM/ 901512CM
Ivory Bar Soap#CodeItem DescriptionPieces/ PackWeightPrice/ Pack764340CMIvory Bar Soap Simply Ivory3..
CAD $2.53 /Half Dozen (6 Packs)
Nail Accessories
463570CM/ 402800CM/ 456574CM/ 402826CM/ 23890CM/782441CM/23777CM
Nail Accessories (Unbranded)#CodeItem DescriptionWeight/Item Pack Desc.Price/ Each463570CMTweezers S..
CAD $0.99 /Dozen 12's
Styling Combs
402693CM/ 940346CM/ 773804CM
Styling Combs#CodeItem DescriptionPrice/ Each402693CMPocket Comb0.49/ ea940346CMLil D Pocket Comb0.8..
CAD $0.49 /Dozen 12's
Swisspers Make-offs
Swisspers Make-offs3 in 1 Variety PackPieces/ Pack: 50/ pkFor more inquiries Please Call C..
CAD $1.54 /Dozen (12 packs)
Banana Boat Lotion
16287CM/ 853226CM/ 853234CM/ 24079CM
Banana Boat Lotion#CodeItem DescriptionWeightPrice/ Each16287CMBanana Boat Lotion Sport SPF 3059 ml4..
CAD $4.00 /Half Dz. 6's
BiC Flex 3 Shaver
BiC Flex 3 ShaverTriple BladeDisposable Razor for MenFor more inquiries Please Call Custom..
CAD $2.21 /Dozen 12's
BiC Soleil Glow Shaver
BiC Soleil Glow ShaverTriple BladeDisposable Razor for WomenFor more inquiries Please Call ..
CAD $3.14 /Half Dz. 6's
Cutex Emery Boards
Cutex Emery BoardsPieces/ Pack: 8/ pkFor more inquiries Please Call Customer Service ..
CAD $0.77 /Dozen (12 packs)
Freshscent Shaving Cream Thick & Rich 0.25 oz, Made in USA 100/CS
Freshscent Shaving CreamFor long-lasting pleasant scent, pamper guests at your hotel, motel, or reso..
CAD $19.00 /Case
Gillette Shaving Foam
79673CM/ 700179CM
Gillette Shaving Foam#CodeItem DescriptionWeightPrice/ Each79673CMGillette Shaving Foam, Trial Size5..
CAD $1.46 /Half Dz. 6's
Got2b Spiking Glue
Got2b Spiking GlueTrial SizeWeight: 35mlFor more inquiries Please Call Customer Service&nb..
CAD $1.79 /Dozen 12's
Herbal Essences
748079CM/ 748269CM/ 903369CM/ 903377CM
Herbal Essences#CodeItem DescriptionWeightPrice/ Each748079CMHerbal Shampoo Hydration Trial Size50 m..
CAD $1.36 /Dozen 12's - Shampoo 50ml
Lypsyl Lip Balm
910646CM/ 910638CM
Lypsyl Lip Balm#CodeItem DescriptionWeightPrice/ Each910646CMLypsyl Lip Balm Cherry Carded4.2 g1.46/..
CAD $1.46 /Dozen 12's
Neutrogena Make-Up Remover 12/Pack
Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes effectively dissolve all traces of dirt, oil and makeup--even wa..
CAD $30.00 /Pack of 12
Purell Hand Sanitizer
858530CM/ 858449CM
Purell Hand Sanitizer#CodeItem DescriptionWeightPrice/858530CMPurell Hand Sanitizer Original59 ml2.1..
CAD $2.16 /Dozen 12's
Vaseline (Creamy Problem Skin)
Vaseline Creamy Problem SkinUnscented, HypoallergenicWeight: 220 mlFor more inquiries Please Ca..
CAD $7.06 /Half Dz. 6's
Zest Hair & Body Wash (for Men)
Zest Hair & Body Wash (for Men)Weight: 532 mlFor more inquiries Please Call Customer S..
CAD $5.74 /Half Dz. 6's
Aveeno Hand & Body Lotion
AveenoHand & Body Lotion    Weight: 71 mlFor more inquiries Please Call..
CAD $4.16 /Half Dz. 6's
Blistex Lip Balm & Protector
34512CM/ 34520CM/ 367987CM/ 24066CM
Blistex Lip Balm & Protector#CodeItem DescriptionWeightPrice/ Each34512CMBlistex Lip Balm Berry4..
CAD $1.69 /Dozen 12's
Braided Ponytails
Braided PonytailsPieces/ Pack: 18pcsFor more inquiries Please Call Customer Service 1..
CAD $1.69 /Dozen (12 packs)
Degree Men Deodorant - Antiperspirant
792655CM/ 930800CM
Degree Men Deodorant/ Antiperspirant#CodeItem DescriptionWeightPrice/ Each792655CMDegree Silver Ion,..
CAD $5.05 /Half Dz. 6's
Gillette Daisy Plus Disposable Razor
Gillette Daisy Plus Disposable RazorClassic Disposable Women's RazorPieces/ Pack: 5pcs/ packFor more..
CAD $6.92 /Half Dozen (6 Packs)
Gillette Razors
34629CM/ 669788CM
Gillette Razors#CodeItem DescritpionPacking DetailsPrice/ Pack34629CMGillette Good News! Disposable ..
CAD $7.00 /Half Dozen (6 Packs)
Gillette Shaving Gel
Gillette Shaving Gel#CodeItem DescriptionWeightPrice/ Each16006CMGillette Series Shaving Gel Sensiti..
CAD $1.90 /Half Dz. 6's
Irish Spring Bar Soap
Irish Spring Bar SoapPieces/ Pack: 3 pcs/ pkWeight: 90 gFor more inquiries Please Call&nbs..
CAD $3.85 /Half Dozen (6 Packs)
Lady Speed Stick
404103CM/ 731125CM
Lady Speed Stick #CodeItem DescriptionWeightPrice/ Each404103CMLady Speed Stick Invisible Cool ..
CAD $4.82 /Half Dz. 6's
Lil D Nail Clipper & Tweezers
940338CM/ 940353CM
Lil D Nail Clipper & Tweezers#CodeItem DescriptionPrice/ Each940338CMLil D Nail Clipper with Fil..
CAD $1.06 /Dozen 12's
St. Ives Body Wash
St. Ives Body WashEnergizing CitrusWeight: 709 mlFor more inquiries Please Call Customer S..
CAD $6.57 /Half Dz. 6's
830273CM/ 830265CM
Tresemme#CodeItem DescriptionWeightPrice/ Each830273CMTresemme Shampoo Rich Travel89 ml1.50/ ea83026..
CAD $1.50 /Dozen 12's
Tresemme Hair Spray
811711CM/ 730838CM
Tresemme Hair Spray#CodeItem DescriptionWeightPrice/ Each811711CMTresemme Hair Spray Extra Hold Trav..
CAD $2.49 /Dozen (12's) Hair Spray 43g
Vaseline Intensive Care
749119CM/ 693515CM
Vaseline Intensive Care#CodeItem DescriptionWeightPrice/ Each749119CMVaseline Intensive Care Extra S..
CAD $4.05 /Half Dz. 6's
Blistex Lip Conditioner, Medex & Ointment
501080CM/ 332973CM/ 713917CM/ 79194CM
Blistex Lip Conditioner, Medex & Ointment#CodeItem DescriptionWeightPrice/ Each501080CMBlistex L..
CAD $3.14 /Dozen 12's
Dove Daily Moisture Travel
771071CM/ 771089CM
Dove Daily Moisture Travel#CodeItem DescriptionWeightPrice/ Each771071CMDove Conditioner Daily Moist..
CAD $1.65 /Dozen 12's
Edge Shaving Gel
22920CM/ 853192CM
Edge Shaving Gel#CodeItem DescriptionWeightPrice/ Each22920CMEdge Sensitive Skin Shave Gel, Travel S..
CAD $2.32 /Half Dz. 6's
Gillette After Shave Balm
Gillette After Shave BalmSensitive SkinWeight: 75mlFor more inquiries Please Call Customer..
CAD $6.26 /Half Dz. 6's
Gillette Antiperspirant - Deodorant
748020CM/ 748053CM/ 23894CM
Gillette Antiperspirant - Deodorant#CodeItem DescriptionWeightPrice/ Each748020CMGillete Antiperspir..
CAD $5.12 /Half Dz. 6's
Schick Xtreme 3 Razor
23494CM/ 11833CM
Schick Xtreme 3  Razor#CodeItem DescriptionPacking DetailsPrice/ Pack23494CMSchick Xtreme 3 for..
CAD $9.56 /Half Dozen (6 Packs)
Schick Xtreme 3 Women's
Schick Xtreme 3 Women'sComfort PlusExtra SoftPieces/ Pack: 4pcs/ packFor more inquiries Please ..
CAD $9.56 /Half Dz. 6's
Shaving Razor Disposable Economical indivisually wrapped 144/CS
Shaving RazorsExpendable UseEco Friendly PackagingContents :  Single Razor per PouchM..
CAD $57.60 CAD $50.40 (Save 13%) /Case 144's
Vaseline Lotion
Vaseline LotionExtra Strength, UnscentedWeight: 295 mlFor more inquiries Please Call Custo..
CAD $6.83 /Half Dz. 6's
Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
35477CM/ 35469CM/ 545012CM/ 930925CM/ 545079CM
Vaseline Petroleum Jelly#CodeItem DescriptionWeightPrice/ Each35477CMVaseline Petroleum Jelly Tube50..
CAD $2.88 /Half Dz. 6's
Afterburn Sunburn Treat
Afterburn Sunburn Treat80% Aloe VeraWeight: 118 mlFor more inquiries Please Call Customer ..
CAD $4.40 /Half Dz. 6's
Freshscent Deodorant Gel Made in USA 0.12 oz. 100/Case
Freshscent Deodorant GelEco Friendly PackagingBrand : FreshscentPackaging Type: ..
CAD $15.00 /Case
Head & Shoulders
885285CM/ 23868CM/ 22096CM
Head & Shoulders#CodeItem DescriptionWeightPrice/ Each885285CMHead & Shoulders Shampoo Class..
CAD $1.68 /Dozen 12's - Shampoo 50ml
Mennen Speed Stick
32193CM/ 871061CM/ 467233CM
Mennen Speed Stick#CodeItem DescriptionWeightPrice/ Each32193CMMennen Speed Stick Antiperspirant Ori..
CAD $4.82 /Half Dz. 6's
Nivea Lip Care Balm Essential
Nivea Lip Care Balm EssentialWeight: 4.8 gFor more inquiries Please Call Customer Service&..
CAD $2.02 /Dozen 12's
St. Ives Lotion
779306CM/ 682559CM
St. Ives Lotion#CodeItem DescriptionWeightPrice/ Each779306CMSt. Ives Lotion Oatmeal & Shea Butt..
CAD $7.64 /Half Dz. 6's
Banana Boat Sunscreen
929968CM/ 24080CM/ 24081CM
Banana Boat Sunscreen#CodeItem DescriptionWeightPrice/ Each929968CMBanana Boat Sunscreen SPF301 oz2...
CAD $2.58 /Half Dz. 6's
Carmex Lip Balm
775726CM/ 775734CM/ 775742CM
Carmex Lip Balm#CodeItem DescriptionWeightPrice/ Each775726CMCarmex Lip Balm Blister7.5 g2.31/ ea775..
CAD $2.31 /Dozen 12's
761429CM/ 761460CM/ 761478CM
Finesse #CodeItem DescriptionWeightPrice/ Each761429CMFinesse Conditioner Regular300 ml4.48/ ea..
CAD $4.48 /Half Dz. 6's
Freshscent Conditioning Shampoo Made in USA 0.34 oz. 100/Case
Freshscent Conditioning ShampooEco Friendly PackagingBrand : FreshscentPackaging Type..
CAD $15.00 /Case
Old Spice Deodorant
910869CM/ 904367CM
Old Spice Deodorant#CodeItem DescriptionWeightPrice/ Each910869CMOld Spice Deodorant High Endurance ..
CAD $4.30 /Half Dz. 6's
Bare Lip Balm
"Bare" brandPomegranate Berry Flavor4.44 mlFor more inquiries please send us an email at contac..
CAD $3.63 /Dozen 12's
Block Up Sunscreen
929950CM/ 929943CM
Block Up Sunscreen#CodeItem DescriptionWeightPrice/ Each929950CMBlock Up Sunscreen Kids SPF501 oz1.8..
CAD $1.86 /Dozen 12's
Pert 2in1 Conditioning Shampoo
Pert 2in1 Conditioning ShampooMedium Classic CleanWeight: 500 mlFor more inquiries Please Call&..
CAD $5.39 /Half Dz. 6's
Right Guard Antiperspirant & Deodorant
Right Guard Antiperspirant & DeodorantSports Fresh, Invisible SolidWeight: 85 gFor more inquirie..
CAD $3.42 /Half Dz. 6's
Eos Lip Balm
23347CM/ 23348CM/ 23341CM/ 23340CM
Eos Lip Balm#CodeItem DescriptionWeightPrice/ Each23347CMEos Lip Balm Blister Strawberry Sorbet7 g3...
CAD $3.74 /Half Dz. 6's
Burt's Bees Lip Balm/ Tint Balm
855445CM/ 855437CM/ 11932CM/ 11924CM/ 11916CM/ 11882CM/ 11890CM
Burt's Bees Lip Balm/ Tint Balm#CodeItem DescriptionWeightPrice/ Each855445CMBurt's Bees Lip Balm Po..
CAD $4.75 /Half Dz. 6's
Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer
11726CM/ 11718CM/ 11700CM/ 11692CM/ 11684CM/ 11676CM/ 11668CM
Burt's Bees Lip Balm/ Shimmer#CodeItem DescriptionWeightPrice/ Each11726CMBurt's Bees Lip Shimm..
CAD $5.68 /Half Dz. 6's