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Face Towel Vs Hand Towel: When To Use Which?

If you’re one to take hygiene seriously, distinguishing the differences between a hand towel and a fac...

Mattress Protectors and Pads: Do You Need One?

I never thought much about mattresses until I had to buy one for the first time. Not only was the choi...

How to Choose Bath Towels That Last

Thick or thin? Cotton or rayon? Consumer Reports' experts have the answers. Visit any store selling ba...

Hospitality Industry Trends 2022

What are the latest trends in the hospitality industry? It goes without saying that the pandemic and e...


Marketing restaurants has changed dramatically over the years. What worked 10 years ago, or even last ...

Face & Hand Towels - Are They different?

Towels are a necessity in daily life if not a luxury, and they're probably something most people don't...

Create a relaxing SPA atmosphere

When you think of the word SPA, a universal picture likely comes into your mind. While each spa is uni...

Thomaston Mills

Thomaston Mills was founded in 1899 by R.E. Hightower is the oldest domestic sheet mill in the USA. Th...

What are Amenities?
Business hotels are growing. These provide multiple ideal amenities for business travelers that they need to be connected to all the time.
Why Hotel amenity is important program insofar as the ambiance and quality of the property?
It is easy to overlook the importance of using all of your senses to create a memorable experience for your guest. Consider why your guests are traveling,
Pamper your guests throughout their stay with Indoor slippers. People’s requirements for life are continually improving as the social economy continues to
Frontline Healthcare workers are ESSENTIAL!
Frontline health workers are the foundation of effective health systems; they are often based in and from the communities they serve, they play an important role

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