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Chef Coats

Chef Coats

Dress Your Staff in Colored Chef Coats to Protect Their Clothes and Make Them Look Professional

Keep your chefs looking clean and well-kept with chef coats for men or women. Ideal for executive chefs, sous chefs, and other cooks, these jackets will distinguish members of your staff based on experience and skill level. You can use white jackets or colored chef coats to match your cooks and create a uniform look, too. Choose from men's and women's coats in different sizes to make everyone feel comfortable.

Made from cotton and poly-cotton blends, these chef coats are designed to absorb or wick away moisture, ensuring your staff stays dry as they work in a hot kitchen. We have white and colored chef coats with long sleeves for the best coverage, short sleeves for increased airflow.

Chef Coats 100% Spun Poly Traditional buttons Long Sleeve Jackets  White
SPUN POLY CHEF JACKETSPriced to offer maximum value, this popular Econo design has been enhanced thr..
CAD $28.99 /Each
Chef Coats 100% Polyester Tuscany contrast Short Sleeves Jackets
SPUN POLY CHEF JACKETSStand out in this asymmetrical short sleeve chef coat. The whimsical utensil p..
CAD $35.99 /Each
Chef Coats Bangkok 65/35 Poly/Cotton w/ Trim Short Sleeves Jackets
POLY COTTON CHEF COATSOur exclusive short sleeve black chef coat features a woven utensil trim detai..
CAD $35.99 /Each
Chef Coats Double Brested 65/35 Poly/Cotton Sleeve Pocket  Jackets
Coloured Chef CoatsProviding an elegant look, these Twill Fabric chef coats provide a crisp presenta..
CAD $29.99 /Each
Chef Coats 65/35 Poly/Cotton w/ colored Trim on Collar & Cuffs Long sleeves Jackets
Chef Coat with Contrast TrimThe bold double-breasted look with attractive contrasting trim creates a..
CAD $26.99 /Each
Chef Coats Econo Poly Cotton blend Traditional buttons Unisex short/Long Sleeves
ECONO CHEF COATSWhen the pressure’s on, these proven performers maintain their character and poise w..
CAD $25.99 /Each
Chef Coats Florence 65/35 Poly/Cotton long sleeves Jackets white
Florence Chef CoatThe Florence chef coat features double breasted styling, full length sleeves, and ..
CAD $33.99 /Each
Chef Coats Ladies Poly Cotton Blend Plastic buttons Long sleeves White
Ladies Chef CoatSpecially fitted for ladies. This chef coat is focused totally on design, comfort an..
CAD $35.99 /Each
Chefs Choice Master Chef Coats Poly Cotton Blend Black Trim Long Sleeves White
Master Chef CoatA classic Asian inspired style with thin black piping trim that adds a distinctive l..
CAD $41.99 /Each
Chef Coat 65/35 Poly/Cotton Brushed with Mesh Long sleeves Jacket White
Chef Coat with MeshCombining forward thinking features with a classic design in a double breasted st..
CAD $35.99 /Each
Chef Coat 100% Cotton traditional buttons Long Sleeves jacket white
100% Cotton Chef CoatsThe sharp, full look and substantial feel of 100% Cotton marks this style as t..
CAD $34.99 /Each
Chef Coat Naples 100% Egyptian-Like Cotton long sleeves Jacket white
Cotton Chef CoatsMade from our fine line, Egyptian-like soft twill cotton fabric, this fitted long s..
CAD $72.99 /Each