Serene Elements® Hotel Bath Amenities

Stock Up on Hotel Bath Amenities for Your Overnight Visitors (Made in USA)

If you’re looking for all-natural products for the guests in your hotel, motel, resort, or spa, then these amenities are perfect for you. These products are made from vegetable-based materials and are not tested on animals, making them ideal for your customers. It’s also a plus that all of these products are packaged in biodegradable containers or wrappers, so you can throw them away and don’t have to worry about them sitting in a landfill for years.

Our selection of amenities includes shampoo, conditioner, soap, body wash, lotion, and shower caps. All of these items are available in smaller quantities, making them perfect for guests staying overnight in your hotel room, condominium, or guest house. Select products are also available in larger sizes for your visitors staying for longer periods of time.

Serene Elements® by Marietta USA


Serene Elements nourishing Conditioner 0.75 oz. 190/Case

CAD $36.10 CAD $39.90 /Case
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  • Product Code: A881-SE
  • Packing Unit: Each
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